History of the OWSCL

The One Way Christian Soccer League was born of a need for the soccer fraternity of the Christian community to play soccer together and fellowship with one another. The league has been in existence since 1975, a testimony to the commitment of the management and teams alike to the upholding of the ideals that this league was created for.

The aims of the league as stated in the constitution:

To fellowship with other Christians
Getting to know members of other societies and Churches
Involving non-active members in church activities
To use the league as a Christian outreach

The league is an ideal place for players, both young and old, to get to play soccer in an environment that encourages healthy competition without the bad attitudes and swearing that is all too often found in a secular league. The league has fields in Silverton and Capital Park in Pretoria, South Africa, where games are played between March and October. Numerous different competitions are held throughout the season.

The league lives by the motto: WWJD

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